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YoYoFactory Replay Pro

YoYoFactory Replay Pro

€9.65 €14.95

diameter 58 mm - G = 69 gr
unreponsive jojo
The new YoYoFactory Replay PRO is the latest yo-yo in the World Champion Gentry Stein line of signature yo-yos, and it is fantastic!

From Gentry:

"It has been a long term goal and dream of mine to have my name behind a low price plastic yoyo. I am happy to say that this has now come true. The thing is, the new YoyoFactory REPLAY PRO doesn't play like a low price plastic yoyo. It plays levels beyond any yoyo the market has seen at this price level!"

We couldn't agree more - This is one of the top performing plastic yo-yos we have played with lately. Gentry has been working with the YoYoFactory design team since December 2014 to perfect his new yo-yo and you can just feel all the time they put into the design when you throw the Replay Pro. Fast, stable, and maneuverable with crazy spin times and a really comfortable feeling in hand - The Replay Pro has everything you're looking for in your next throw.

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