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Ø50 mm

Een kleine jojo goed voor beginners

Geleverd met twee verschillende kogellagers:

- de smalle SPEC TM kogellager: geschikt voor beginners om de eerste trucs te leren. 'Responsive' jojo = reageert op je handbeweging

- de brede SPEC TM kogellager: geschikt om uit te groeien tot een ware entertainer. 'Unresponsive' jojo = hiervoor moet je de 'binding' truck kennen om hem op te winden

The YYF One Yoyo comes with with a slim C bearing size for beginner responsive play.
Then you can switch the slim bearing out with the Large C bearing as you learn how to “bind “the yoyo. This is when you wrap the string of the yoyo into the gap, which will cause friction in order to get the yoyo to return to your hand. 

The One yo yo has a butterfly shape, which is comfortable in the hand during play. This yo-yo has a silicone response system, which works well with both bearing sizes. The gap type is fixed, but wen interchanged with a slim or large bearing size, you have options to expand. If you are looking for a yoyo to practice with, and to improve your skills, this is definitely the “One”.

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